Month: September 2022

Event-Oriented Counseling in Army Leadership

Counseling is a process used by Army leaders to review with a subordinate the subordinate’s performance and personal development. In both garrison and field settings, good leaders counsel their subordinates on a regular basis. Event-oriented counseling is a tool that can be used when needed to provide feedback on a single occurrence or event. It

How Much the Army Can Charge for Lost Equipment

Most people are familiar with the saying that “the army always charges for everything.” This is often used as a joke to describe how the military seems to nickel and dime its service members for every little thing. While there is some truth to this stereotype, it is important to understand that the military does

How To Get Your TA-50 Clean With CIF Gear Cleaning?

What is the CIF Gear Cleaning kit and what does it do? The CIF Gear Cleaning kit is a set of equipment and materials that you can use to clean your TA-50 while you are in the field. The kit includes a water bottle, a cleaning cloth, an alcohol swab, and a pair of gloves.